How to Sell Canva Templates in 2023 (+ Mistakes to Avoid) – Step-by-Step Guide

How to Sell Canva Templates in 2023 (+ Mistakes to Avoid) - Step-by-Step Guide

Canva, the user-friendly online graphic design tool, has gained immense popularity in recent years. It has opened up opportunities for creators without a graphic design background to monetize their work by selling Canva templates. In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to sell Canva templates in 2023. Additionally, we will discuss the worth of selling Canva templates, popular template ideas, mistakes to avoid, and whether to sell on online marketplaces like Etsy.

Is it even worth selling Canva templates?

Selling Canva templates can be a lucrative venture, considering the increasing number of Canva users worldwide. Canva templates can be priced between $5 and $100 or even higher, depending on the complexity of the design. With a large market for creative templates and potential earnings ranging from $100 to $1000+ per month, selling Canva templates can be a profitable side hustle or business.

How to sell Canva templates (step-by-step):

  1. Launch your Canva template shop with Sellfy: Sign up for Sellfy, an eCommerce platform that offers secure payment processing, automated file delivery, and sales tracking features.
  2. Add your Canva templates to your store: Upload your Canva templates to Sellfy, ensuring that each product contains up to 50 files. You can offer them as single or multiple files in compressed .zip folders.
  3. Set up payment methods to monetize your templates: Connect your Stripe or PayPal account to Sellfy to facilitate payment collection from customers.
  4. Your customer will receive an email with a download link: Sellfy’s automated file delivery system ensures customers receive a confirmation email and download link once payment is confirmed.

How to create Canva templates in minutes:

  1. Choose a template type: Select a template type from Canva’s wide range, such as social media graphics, presentations, resumes, business cards, posters, and flyers.
  2. Design your template: Customize a pre-made template or create your own design from scratch, adding images, text, colors, and other design elements.
  3. Save your template as a Canva template: Click on Share and choose the publishing option to save your template as a Canva template.
  4. Export your Canva template: Export your template as a PDF or image file and upload it to your Sellfy store for customers to download and use.
  1. Social media graphics: Create templates for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, catering to the high demand from social media influencers.
  2. Business cards: Customize business card templates to cater to various businesses and entrepreneurs.
  3. Flyers and posters: Design templates for promoting events, parties, products, and services.
  4. Infographics and vision boards: Create visually appealing templates for meetings, webinars, conferences, and social media.
  5. Portfolios and resumes: Develop attention-grabbing templates for job seekers looking to stand out.

3 common mistakes to avoid when selling Canva templates:

  1. Overcrowding the design: Keep your templates user-friendly, visually appealing, and well-organized. Avoid cluttering the design with too many elements, as it can make it difficult for customers to customize and use the template effectively.
  2. Undervaluing your work: Price your templates appropriately to reflect the time, effort, and skill required to create them. Consider factors like the complexity of the design, the value it provides to customers, and the market demand for similar templates. Don’t undersell yourself and your work.
  3. Neglecting customer support: Providing excellent customer support is crucial for building a reputable brand. Be responsive to customer inquiries, assist them with customization or technical issues, and address any concerns promptly. Happy customers are more likely to recommend your templates and make repeat purchases.

Should you sell Canva templates on Etsy and similar marketplaces?

Etsy and other online marketplaces can be a viable platform for selling Canva templates. They offer a ready-made audience of potential customers and provide a convenient platform to showcase and sell your templates. However, keep in mind that these marketplaces charge fees, and there may be more competition. Consider your target audience, marketing strategy, and the platform’s pros and cons before deciding whether to sell on Etsy or explore other avenues, such as creating your own website or using social media to promote your templates.

FAQs about selling Canva templates:

  1. Are there any copyright concerns when selling Canva templates? It’s important to respect copyright laws and usage rights. When creating Canva templates, use your own original designs, royalty-free elements, or properly licensed content. Make sure you have the necessary permissions to include any copyrighted images or fonts in your templates.
  2. Can I sell Canva templates that use Canva’s premium elements? No, you cannot sell Canva templates that include Canva’s premium elements. While you can use premium elements in templates for personal use or to share with Canva Pro team members, selling templates with these elements would violate Canva’s terms of use.
  3. How can I market my Canva templates effectively? Utilize various marketing strategies to reach your target audience. Create a visually appealing and informative website or online store to showcase your templates. Leverage social media platforms to share previews, tutorials, and customer testimonials. Collaborate with influencers or bloggers in your niche to promote your templates. Additionally, optimize your product listings with relevant keywords and consider running targeted ads to increase visibility.

Selling Canva templates can be a profitable venture in 2023, with a growing market and potential earnings. By following the step-by-step guide, avoiding common mistakes, and considering the right marketplace for your templates, you can establish a successful business selling Canva templates. Remember to create high-quality designs, price your templates appropriately, and provide exceptional customer support to build a strong reputation and attract loyal customers. Good luck with your Canva template selling journey!

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